So far, NOÉ has mainly produced and shown the PREMIUM collection. These garments and prints are all handmade in Switzerland, and mostly exist as unique pieces only.

Next to our PREMIUM collection, we will soon be adding a READY TO WEAR collection, where the production will be outsourced. It is important to NOÉ, that the women making our garments will receive a living wage and are working in a safe working environment.

Our future production place is located in Moldova, and our READY TO WEAR collection will be made here. The organisation is concerned with tackling issues in the Moldovan society: human trafficking and the lack of education for women previously being involved in sexual exploitation.
Women with this background receive here the possibility to be trained as a dressmaker and furthermore receive professional mentoring, meanwhile also being treated psychologically.

The longterm goal is, to integrate these women back into a professional working environment so they can be self sustainable and contribute to the Moldovan economy.

NOÉ has visited the place in May 2018, to see how transparent the organisation is and how well the women and employees are being treated. We have been deeply touched by the work that has been done there, and the passion and professionalism are apparent.

Photo credit: Anja Fonseka

Video credit: Fabienne Maier